Innovation of
Global Alternative Private Capital

We manage investment process for alternative investments.

Fundy provide full information on alternative investments to which has only been available for a small number of institutional investors. We pursue shaping the future of global financial markets with Korean investors who were in financial blind.

Fundy Investment Review Committee
and final product review process.


Initial discovery of investment products through direct network of highly selective local product selectors.


Local selectors evaluate investment opportunities based on Fundy standards in the selection phase

China•HK•Korea•Singapore•Southeast Asia•North America•South America•UK•Europe


Final review of products which passed Selection Committee by Fundy Review Committee

Risk assessment for each elements of investment products based on Fundy List Analysis Technique


Fundy private equity funds and alternative direct investment risk assessment framework

Counter Party risks

Strict assessment of reputation of local fund management firms or product issue entity by local selectors
Evaluation on independence and fairness of service/product providing entity.

Liquidity risks on expiration

Assessment of propriety of expiration of funds compared to the base assets of investment target
Assessment of liquidity and marketability of asset disposal

Risks of loss of principal

Assessment of volatility of invested assets depending on market and economic volatility.

Risk of cash flow

Assessment of cash flow stability of assets of investment target.

Other management risks

Assessment of independence and propriety of fund management structure (cash withdrawal/delegated agencies etc.) Assessment on fraud risk

Our mission

We’re on a mission to shake up traditional models of equity funding.


It only takes a few minutes to sign up and access investment opportunities and immediate liquidity on our secondary market.

Raise funds

Fundy's platform supports all sorts of deals and financial instruments, private and public funding rounds.

HSF Token

HSF is a cryptocurrency made by Hillstone Finance. Hillstone Finance is a new blockchain project launched by the first private M&A company in Korea—Hillstone Partners. HSF is used to invest in various products on Hike Pad and Fundy, which are both investment platforms developed by Hillstone Finance.

In Fundy, investors can invest in various fund products. When investors invest in fund products, investors will get HSF according to the amount of investment, and those HSF will be the collaterals for the investment. Investors are able to withdraw and sell those HSF in the market anytime during the investment. However, after a product exits, investors must return the same amount of HSF in order to claim for investment profit.

Fundy is a global equity funding and trading platform.
We connect a diverse investor network with highly vetted markets and, through
The Marketplace, allow private investments to be traded.

The team

Jaeho Park

Founder & CEO

• Hillstone Partners, Director
• Blockchain Revolution Partners, Director
• The craftworks Co,. Ltd. Manager
• Star farm Korea, Co-founder
• Hanyang University majoring in Economic Finance
• Pusan National University majoring in Economics

Rayol Hwang

Co-Founder & COO

• Hillstone Investment USA CEO
• Hillstone Partners (PE) CEO
• Head of Yozma Campus Korea
• Krazylab CEO
• Xpace CEO
• Seoul National University dropped out of the humanities department

Namhyoung Kim

Fundy CTO

• 2016 Great Friends CTO
• 2013 Purple Emotion CTO
• 2012 Fivethink CTO
• 2010 Pulsewings Developer

Kihyun Lee


• 2019 Spectrum Audio Company Head Product & Graphic Designer
• 2020 Spectrum Systems Design Advisory

Peter Ju


• 2020 Graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Fundy advisor

Boram Kim

Investment Products Review Chairman

• Pacific Gate Capital Management CEO
• Deutsche Bank, New York, Managing Director of Investment and Finance
• McKinsey & Company, Hong Kong, Consultant for Asian financial institutions
• London Business School MBA
• Seoul National University majoring in Economics

Product Selection Committee Members

Robin J Walia


• JCRP Europe CIO
• Deutsche Bank, London Credit Derivatives Risk Management
• Credit Suisse, London Credit Derivatives Risk Management
• BNP Paribas Quant Trading Team
• University of London
• University of Warwick

Anirban Lahiri

FUNDY Investment Products Reviewer for Southeast Asia and Singapore

• Investment financing for Vietnam VNDIRECT Securities and Malaysia CIMB Securities
• Bank Invest Private Equity (Southern Asian Private Equity Investment)
• New York UBS Securities Investment Bank Part
• London Business School MBA
• Columbia University, New York

Christopher Shen

Fundy Hong Kong and China Region / San Francisco VC Specialist Reviewer

• Tencent Holdings LQ Pacific Managing Director
• West 22nd Capital Founding Partner, Hong Kong
• Bridge Wood International
• Global Public Offering Fund Partner
• Baker McKinsey, Hong Kong
• University of Texas at Austin

Jose Miguel Prieto

FUNDY Investment Products Reviewer in South America

• ASR GROUP Director & Head of Corporate Development and M&A
• Deutsche Bank New York
• Aureos Capital Private Equity, Mexico / Costa Rica
• Banco Popular Manager
• Wharton school MBA
• University of Pennsylvania

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