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Fundy's committee allow users to directly invest in high-quality private equities around the world, which have been difficult for individuals to access.

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A one-stop platform for the whole investment process, from searching a product to settling down a contract. We offer the fastest and the most convenient investment process.

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Receive real-time reports relate to product inquiries, operation status, quarterly report, and etc. Communicate directly with investment companies through video/audio calls.

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An opportunity to directly contact with top professional investors.

A solution for Perfect Sales

We support perfect sales by verifying investor qualification and providing KYC/AML support, QnA and real-time chat, recording and recording functions.

Unified Communication

Investor requests such as product introduction, contract preparation, and report update are handled in a single channel, reducing the time and cost.

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Variety of private investment products on your WM platform

Direct and easy communication and networking with investment managers

Self-learning of investment opportunities by your client

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Asset Owners Prepare for Stagflation

Asset Owners Prepare for Stagflation

In a survey of 202 investors globally, 51 percent said the global economy is entering a period of stagflation. Institutional investors are preparing their portfolios for stagflation, with differing approaches. In a CoreData Research survey of 202 global institutional investors, 51 percent of respondents said the surge in energy prices coupled with the Russia-Ukraine war will send the global economy into stagflation — a period characterized by high inflation, slowing economic growth, and high unemployment. In response to these fears, 43 percent of respondents said they plan to raise allocations to assets positively correlated to inflation, including commodities and real …

Why private credit's time has come in Asia

Why private credit's time has come in Asia

THE growth of the private credit market is fast becoming one of the most exciting stories in Australia's financial sector. It could also become one of its most successful exports.Globally, private credit has emerged as an investment buzzword for 2022, as more investors turn to assets that offer some protection from inflation and rising interest rates.In Asia-Pacific, Australia is leading the way - but the market is set to grow in Singapore and across the region, complementing traditional bank lending.Australia's private debt market has grown from A$35 billion (S$35 billion) in assets under management in 2015 to A$109 billion in …

Financing economic growth with private debt

Financing economic growth with private debt

This article appeared in our Investment Outlook for 2022 ‘Shooting the rapids’. Read it here Despite concerns over a possible weakening of economic growth and intransigent price pressures, the broad picture at the end of 2021 was clear: Conditions in the G7 economies were improving thanks to large-scale fiscal and monetary stimulus which underpinned equity markets and kept interest rates low. As a result, equity valuations hit unattractive levels and bonds looked expensive. Finding appeal among more investors That mix has left private – unlisted – debt looking like a suitable alternative. For the same level of risk, it offers …