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Fundy's committee allow users to directly invest in high-quality private equities around the world, which have been difficult for individuals to access.

One-stop Online Process

A one-stop platform for the whole investment process, from searching a product to settling down a contract. We offer the fastest and the most convenient investment process.

Real-Time Communication

Receive real-time reports relate to product inquiries, operation status, quarterly report, and etc. Communicate directly with investment companies through video/audio calls.

Investment Institutions

Professional Investors

An opportunity to directly contact with top professional investors.

A solution for Perfect Sales

We support perfect sales by verifying investor qualification and providing KYC/AML support, QnA and real-time chat, recording and recording functions.

Unified Communication

Investor requests such as product introduction, contract preparation, and report update are handled in a single channel, reducing the time and cost.

Featured Deals

베트남 상장사가 개발 중인 바이오 에너지 전력 Project (Biomass Power Plant)


Energy (Incl. Renewables) Private funding

Target Size
USD 0 (0.00%) USD 350,000,000
Minimum investment USD 100,000
Interest USD 240,000
FUND LIFE 5 year
APY 30
CLOSING DATE Jan. 21, 2022

Hillstone Fund III


Real estate Trust fund

Target Size
USD 10,000 (2.00%) USD 1,000,000
Minimum investment USD 10,000
Interest USD 20,000
FUND LIFE 10 year
APY 5.8
CLOSING DATE Oct. 1, 2021

Barking 2


None None

Target Size
USD 10,000 (2.50%) USD 2,500,000
Minimum investment USD 1,500
Interest USD 2,138,999
FUND LIFE None year
APY None
CLOSING DATE Oct. 6, 2021
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Press release: Funderbeam partners with Startup Wise Guys to bring startups to secondary marketplace

Press release: Funderbeam partners with Startup Wise Guys to bring startups to secondary marketplace

Global funding and trading platform Funderbeam and Europe’s top B2B startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys (SWG) partnered to enable liquidity for the portfolio companies of SWG. All present and future portfolio companies are enabled to raise funds and trade on the Funderbeam marketplace connecting investors from 129 countries.  Funderbeam’s growth is fueled by a recent $4M funding addition led by Tim Draper, the early investor in Baidu, Hotmail, Skype, and Tesla. The aim of the funding round was to boost Funderbeam’s partnership based growth strategy. Funderbeam’s founder Kaidi Ruusalepp is delighted to add institutional partners to the growth model. “It takes years to build a truly …

Investor insights from Lead Investor – Tanel Padar

Investor insights from Lead Investor – Tanel Padar

International pop singer and Eurovision winner, Tanel Padar, has grown to become a key Angel Investor in Estonia. Since 2017 Tanel through his investment business Padar Holdings OÜ, has been advising and supporting businesses that he feels are adding value to people every day. As a lead investor and Angel, he takes great care in selecting his investments. Currently, he is leading Estonian company Barking‘s investment round on Funderbeam platform.As an early stage investor, what questions do you always ask when looking at a business and its management team?What is the field of business they are operating in?Does the company have a strong team …

Financial Controller-Calvin Taylor

Financial Controller-Calvin Taylor

As an Estonian company, we’re all very fond of Hemingway’s comment about “In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found”, but we’d like to also add ‘that in every great company, you’ll find a smiling Australian’. Let us introduce ours.Calvin is our softly spoken numbers guru, who joined the team in the London office in late 2019.Drawn to Funderbeam as a FinTech business that is looking to revolutionise a traditional industry, Calvin speaks about what excites him about Funderbeam, “We are making something accessible to many people which is a brilliant move”.“Calvin is a numbers wizard …